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What is Lecxit

LECXIT is a Fundació Bofill program whose objective is to promote educational success by improving reading comprehension. From the project we have the challenge of guaranteeing that all students finish the primary stage with a level of reading competence that ensures their educational and social development.

For this we have a network of 350 Lecxit Spaces over Spain (schools, libraries and social entities) in 160 municipalities where more than 2300 volunteers accompany a child in 4th, 5th or 6th grade weekly to make reading a fun and thrilling.

Lecxit also offers guidelines and materials to families to involve them in improving reading habits, and coordinates with primary schools to choose the children who most need to participate in the project.


1 student x 1 mentor

During the school year

Lecxit space

20 reading sessions

1 session every week

1h each session

Why is it necessary?

52% vs 24%

In the 4th year of primary school there is a highly unequal distribution in the results of achieving the competence between educational centers according to their complexity index: 52,4% of the students have a medium-low or low level in schools of high complexity, while in schools of low complexity that percentage is reduced to 24.2%.

Determining context

The immediate context is crucial in fostering the habit and enjoyment of reading. When the environment fails to do so, it is necessary to promote additional extracurricular spaces in libraries, organizations, and the community to overcome inequalities.

80% of children

More than 80% of children from economically disadvantaged communities lose their reading skills during the summer due to a lack of access to enrichment opportunities.

1 in 7

1 in 7 students finish primary school with a low level of reading comprehension and therefore do not understand what they read. (Higher Council for the Evaluation of the Educational System 2022).

Half an academic year difference

The level of reading competence affects families unevenly. Students from low-income families in 4th grade have a reading competence level that corresponds to almost half an academic year less than students from affluent families.

One year and a half

Students who read for pleasure daily have a score over one year and a half higher than those who do not (OECD 2011).

What can I do
to be part of Lecxit?

Be Space Lecxit

Any school, library or social entity that aims to promote children’s taste for reading with the accompaniment of a volunteer can be Espacio Lecxit. Host reading pairs (child + volunteer) in your space and support their reading sessions.


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